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Who, what, why, when & where is Chef Mike D?

Born in Oak Park, Illinois, Mike lived in the area until the age of ten when he relocated to Lombard, Illinois and resides there still.

Always interested in the culinary arts field, Mike worked at a restaurant called Sizzlers at the age of fourteen, where his main job was to bus tables and wash dishes. Throughout high school, Mike worked at a hot dog restaurant where he started at 5:00 a.m. making breakfast from scratch while also experimenting with his own recipes. They were well received by the public and now serves them regularly. Whereas, making a hot dog is not that impressive, you must be true to the process and that takes good management skills.

Management at the restaurant was strict, sanitary and thorough. Mike applies the same practices currently and has received no less than 100% approval from all health departments in the tri-state area. Working with Michelin starred chefs and studying, Mike now is called upon by those with whom he understudied to host their own personal events, such as white glove cocktail parties, hog roasts, weddings, tailgates, rooftop high-end cocktail parties, etc…

Currently, Mike is studying Heston Blumenthal, his favorite chef so far. Heston owns the Fat Duck restaurant in England and has three Michelin stars (the highest rating given out in the food service industry). You cannot just pickup his cookbooks and start cooking. They are extremely complex and take lots of technical background in culinary to even attempt. With that challenge, Mike has been able to bring his styles, dishes, and palate to the next level. Although it may be way to far out in left field for most foodies, Mike believes if you don’t educate peoples palettes they won’t know what they really like or would even attempt to try. So, don’t expect average when you meet Chef Mike. Expect a very approachable professional with a witty sense of humor, unless he has his game face on then it’s passion fueled performance he says “is my favorite reality show that i get to be in!”  

Mike lives by some simple rules.

There are three types of people in this world...

Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder

what happened! 

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